New Year’s Eve Dinner | Review of Maison De Sushi at Zero One Mall

Maison De Sushi

Since new year's eve falls on a workday, we didn't want to risk being absent or sleepy and inefficient at work on the first day of the year so, instead of a new year's countdown, we just decided to have a new year's eve dinner in Maison De Sushi at Zero One Mall. It wasn't the first time for us so we knew what to expect but it was for our friends. We opted for the Eat All You Can experience and it went as best as it could. Here's our review.


Maison De Sushi
Maison De Sushi

The Zero One Mall is nestled within a residential area of Ain Khalid. If you're not in the know, then you must have not heard about this mall yet since it is by far small compared to the other ones in Doha. On the first floor of this little gem you will find an odd shopfront reminiscent of a Japanese Temple with its shingle overhang and red and black paint. There will be no mistaking that it is the Maison De Sushi.

When you enter, a ceiling of hanging artificial flowers and lights would certainly catch your attention before anything else. The white brickwalls, golden column and then the subtle wall decor of paintings, complements the whole aesthetic. The furniture doesn't scream for attention as well which makes the ambiance of Maison De Sushi calm and welcoming.


We opted to avail of their "eat all you can" menu. They advertise it as a buffet but, instead of having all the dishes already prepared, a waitress would have to get your orders and serve them whenever ready. It guarantees freshness and variety. You can order as much as you want but they limit the serving into small portions and pieces thus making sure that there are not much left overs. That is the Maison De Sushi Buffet Twist.

Maison De Sushi


Maison De Sushi

Papaya Salad

Maison De Sushi

Sushi & Maki

Maison De Sushi


Maison De Sushi


Maison De Sushi

Beef Teriyaki

We sampled most of the items on the menu like Miso Soup, Papaya Salad, Hand Rolls, Sushi, Maki, Tempura, Curry, Stir-fried dishes and ofcourse, dessert.

The food were delicious. They were tasty and very filling. We especially loved the Onion Tempura, Teriyaki Beef and the Papaya Salad. The Black Pepper Beef was our least favorite coz there were just too much pepper. I mean, yes, the name of the dish is such but it was really overwhelming to the point that you cannot taste the beef or anything else actually except for the pepper.

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We were greeted and escorted to our table upon entering. The staff were nice and friendly and they anticipated our needs. We were really taken cared of in the beginning.

The start of our dinner was great. The food came faster than we can consume them but then as the night progressed, we noticed that some of our orders were not being served. We have to admit that by this time, the restaurant already gained more customers so the kitchen must be already busy but that is the downside of the Maison De Sushi twist that they implemented on the buffet. We had to follow up and at times, reorder, before our food arrived.


It is a typical restaurant feature that when a customer is celebrating a birthday, the staff sings and greets them but in Maison De Sushi, they took it up a notch. Not only are the staff singing but the whole ceiling as well.

We were lucky to witness one of this occurrence that night:

Before, on our previous visits, there were more staff who parades with an umbrella and sings but as previously mentioned, it was a busy night so better few than none.


For the Maison De Sushi Buffet, it will cost each person 130 QR, drinks not included.

The prices are reasonable for the ala carte option. The Maki are from 20 QR - 25 QR per set, the Sushi ranges from 5 QR to 7 QR per piece, the handrolls are between 15 QR to 17 QR per piece Tempura are from 3 QR to 5 QR per piece, the Soup and Salads are from 10 QR to 20 QR while the main dishes vary from 25 QR to 120 QR for the lobster.

If you have a big appetite, going the eat all you can option is still best. It will give you more quantity and variety.


Maison De Sushi

Taking into consideration the whole night, our experience in the Maison De Sushi at Zero One Mall is still good. The restaurant is beautiful, the food were mostly appetizing, the prices are within the acceptable range and although the service had some understandable glitches, Maison De Sushi still delivered a wonderful evening of dining with friends in celebration of the New Year.

Have you dined here? let us know what your thoughts are about Maison De Sushi at Zero One Mall in the comments below.

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