Fancy a TWG Cup of Tea? | Review of TWG Tea Salon and Boutique

Being a tea-lover, Cai couldn't pass up the chance to try out TWG Tea Salon & Boutique, a lounge that boasts of 800 unique flavors of Tea.

Although primarily offering tea to customers, TWG also serves breakfast, lunch and dinner showcasing tea-infused delicacies as well as the normal, typical meal.



We tried the TWG in Mall of Qatar. It is right in the center of the Luxury Court, situated at the right side when coming from the Entrance.

Circular in shape, it is open air but surrounded by a water feature that serves as the lounge's demise line.

The tables are well placed and taking the central spot is the Tea Bar and the display area of items for sale.

They also have a display cart showcasing sumptuous-looking deserts.

Although they made an effort to personalize and have branding, being in a Mall and open, the ambiance is not quite unique since what you'll see is the surrounding Shops. It is very accessible though and has a good layout.


I ordered a Green Tea called Passion Fruit. While the Misis chose a Black Tea called Public Hour.

Aside from drinks, they also have a long list of other entries to choose from. We opted to try their Benedict Egg and Porcini Hollandaise.

For dessert we couldn't pass up the Blueberry Cheesecake on display. It was calling to us.

TWG - Food - Tea


a.k.a. Passion Fruit Tea and Public Hour Tea (not pictured)

TWG - Food - Eggs


a.k.a. Benedict Egg and Porcini Hollandaise

TWG - Food - Cheesecake


a.k.a. Blueberry Cheesecake

The tea were delicious. Smells good and tastes just right. Very aromatic. And the temperature's just perfect to sip.

The Eggs Benedict was perfect. Runny inside and just enough hollandaise sauce to add flavor to the otherwise bland eggs.

The vinaigrette on the veggies was superb! Sadly, it was just a side dish so it wasn't that much. However, putting edible flowers was a great touch not just for aesthetic but for tasty reason as well.

Then the dessert was yum. The Blueberry Cheesecake was so smooth and has no grains and literally melts in your mouth.


Upon stepping up their platform, we were greeted warmly and enthusiastically. We were brought to our table and was given a menu.

With a wide array of tea to choose from, deciding what to drink is hard. Good thing is that their servers asked us what we feel like having and suggested what they think suits our taste. He even gave some info about tea setting that was good to know. Food delivery was precise and didn't take long.



The price is really affordable.

Their Breakfast Set Menu ranges from 40qr to 60qr while their All Day Dining are all priced less than 90qr. Their Sandwiches are between 50qr to 70qr while their Desserts varies from 20qr to 30qr.

Your 150qr will certainly satisfy 2 persons if choosing the average priced menu items same as what we ordered.


Our experience was very good. We enjoyed our tea and we were satisfied both with the ambiance and the service. We definitely recommend this place. If you're a tea lover or just fancies a cup of Tea, head over to TWG, they have other branches which are enclosed, perfect for those who values privacy when they dine.

Have you dined here? let us know what your thoughts are about TWG Tea Salon & Boutique in the comments below.

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