Birthday Staycation | Review of The Ritz Carlton, Doha

Since we just came from an awesome trip, going out of the country again is not yet an option. So, to celebrate Cai's birthday we decided to have another staycation. This time around, we checked in to The Ritz Carlton, Doha.

Located on its own island in the edge of West Bay, The Ritz Carlton, Doha boasts of luxury and grandiose. With its towering building, exclusive location and great amenities, this hotel truly deserves its Five Star Rating.


As of this writing, the journey to reach this Hotel is filled with diversions, re-routing and roadworks due to the construction of the Metro Train.

However, once you've passed the Lagoona Mall, a short bridge will lead you into a roundabout with the picturesque building on the background.

Go a little further and a group of The Ritz Carlton Doha's Valet and Doormen are waiting to serve you.


Upon entering the Main Door, you'd have to go through a security check. At this point, your luggage were already taken by one of The Ritz Carlton Doha's staff. Even if your bag is just small, they'd insist in bringing it into your room so you only have personal stuff with you.

Afterwards, you'd enter another door that goes into the Lobby. Your first view would be a shiny marble floor accentuated with patterns, an arcaded reception areas, a central flower podium, the carpeted lounge area and ofcourse, a large chandelier.

A hallway to the right brings you to the meeting rooms and the large ballroom. If you'd go straight though, you'd find the elevator lobby and another lounge. Further in that area gives access to the Spa, Interior Pool and other Facilities.

In the central area of The Ritz Carlton, Doha's lobby, a grand staircase leads you down to some restaurants, the business center and the exterior pool.

During check in, there were only 2 receptionist so we had to wait for our turn. We saw that people ahead of us had tea and juice but nobody offered us. It took more than 10 minutes before a lady approached us and apologize for keeping us waiting. Then a few minutes later, another lady was added to the reception and checked us in.


After checking in, we were escorted by the receptionist to the elevator wherein she explained that the elevator is equipped with privacy setting that doesn't allow you to just go anywhere you want. We needed our room card to be swiped not just to access our rooms but to access our floor as well. What a great security and privacy protocol of The Ritz Carlton, Doha.

When we reached our room, we were both surprised at how spacious it is. For a standard room, the area is definitely above standard. LOL. All the usual features are there, a lighted cabinet, a good bed with great sheets, a lounge chair, a table, a bar, a big tv and a small terrace with a nice view.

The furniture were purposely mis-matched and the artworks were not all hung on the wall. The bedrest is made of wood painted dark but the bar was made of mirrored glass. The lamps had gold and silver bases. It has a modern contemporary vibe but we can't totally figure out what the theme is. There is too much contrast happening in the room. I mean, it is fine to mix and match furniture and finishes but they atleast should blend with each other. Well, that's just our taste.

The Bathroom however was a different story. It was big with marble all around. There is a glass separation between the shower and the water closet. There was no bidet though but there is a hand spray which is actually more effective and easy to use. The tub was unfortunately small. It is just enough for a single person so for couples like us who loves to bathe together, it was a little cramped.


Aside from the comfort only a hotel room can provide, we also check in due to the free breakfast it offers. The Ritz Carlton, Doha's breakfast is served at their Lagoon Restaurant. It is located at the lower level directly below the Main Ballroom.

When you enter, you'd definitely feel the luxury the restaurant exudes. From the furniture, to the plating, to the ambience and the painted high ceiling. You'd really say wow.

The service was great as well. Hostess and waitress were more than willing to assist us. We were guided accordingly to our table, served with our desired drinks and lead to the buffet to choose our meal. It was all satisfying except for the limited number of food variants.

Don't get us wrong, there were alot of pastries. Bread and baked goods were plentiful but the rest, we found lacking. There was potato, sausages, bacon, veggies, cold cuts, cheeses, fruits, pancakes and waffles and others.

Maybe it was just the arrangement or the presentation but overall, it seemed like you have limited choices. And by the way, not all foods were labeled. I mean, it should be very obvious but sometimes, we get confused so labels would certainly help.


Being a world class hotel, The Ritz Carlton, Doha has alot of amenities.

They have Exterior Swimming Pools that isn't your typically shaped pool. One circular pool are for kids with its little slide then there's a personal dipping pool probably for private functions and a large irregular shaped pool with a waterfall as its focal point and mini bridges that leads to a rock formation.

The Indoor Swimming pool seems like an Olympic Sized Pool. We didn't get a chance to swim so we are not sure but it surely seems like it.

Then there's the whirl pool. Loves it! The warm bubbly water really soothes and relaxes your body.

There is also a well equipped gym which unfortunately is not unisex unlike the pools. There is a separate gym for men and women.

For the sportsminded people, there is an Indoor Tennis Court, a Squash Court and some indoor games area.

Surely the list doesn't end here. We were only there overnight so we weren't able to able to explore the whole place as much as we wanted to. Just contact The Ritz Carlton, Doha to know more about their facilities and ammenities.




We had a very satisfying time while checked in to The Ritz Carlton, Doha. The overall service was great.

The room and amenities were awesome and they even let us check out late. That's additional 3 hours of luxurious living.

Despite the wait to be checked in, which is totally understandable, and the not so wide array of food choices for breakfast, our overall experience was still very memorable and totally worth it.


A car or taxi is still the best way to go to The Ritz Carlton, Doha, it is after all a fancy 5-star hotel.

It is approximately 26 km away from Hamad International Airport. From there, The Al Corniche Street is the best road to traverse. It will take approximately 35mins give or take a few depending on traffic.


Have you checked in here? let us what your thoughts are about The Ritz Carlton, Doha in the comments below.

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