Our Spectacular Experience at Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour

With the release of Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour movie in Netflix, our memories got stirred and the emotions we felt watching it live all came surging back to us. With it as our inspiration, we recalled our experience and decided to share them with you.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour Our Spectacular Experience

It was last October 5, 2018 in Arlington, Texas when we had our chance to see Taylor Swift perform some of her previous hits and all her songs from Reputation, her most recent mega-successful album.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour Our Spectacular Experience

From the moment that Taylor announced that she was going on tour, we decided that we will definitely watch it. We considered seeing it in other countries but eventually decided to watch it in the US due to the date’s proximity to two special dates in our lives, and the venue which is just an hour away from where our sister lives sealed the deal. And so, despite one of us (Rye) not having a US Visa yet, we bought the concert tickets, submitted our leave requests and made all necessary preparations. Luckily, Rye’s US Visa application was approved, otherwise, maybe Cai will watch the concert by her lonesome again, just like she did with the Previews of Harry Potter in London way back in 2016.

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Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour Our Spectacular Experience

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We arrived at the AT&T Stadium long before the concert was supposed to start but, due to the queue in the security check, we only had a brief time to take photos in the venue. Still, we did.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour Our Spectacular Experience

When Charlie XCX commenced her act, we were still in the snack bar buying some food. We caught her set halfway through though, so it was fine. Then Camila Cabello performed her set. Afterwards, the whole stadium went dark. A video introduction played and then…

One of us (cai) left the empty memory card of our GoPro at her other bag, so we were not able to record most of the show because our phone memory and the GoPro’s current memory were not enough to document the whole concert.

We were far away from the stage, like up there in the middle portion of the stadium so didn’t get to see all the little things that she did, except in the video screen, but we certainly felt the energy. The way Taylor Swift commands the stage is really astonishing. Her facial expressions, the way she projects while singing, her dancing skills (yes, she do have!) and especially the effort that she gives in order to make her audience feel like she is doing all those things just for them (us). From where we were seating (or standing while singing and dancing along with her) we can sense the liveliness and the vitality of the whole show.

Taylor Swift’s opening acts were great performers as well. Charlie XCX and Camila Cabello really pumped up the crowd. Sadly, we were only able to take video of Camila Cabello.

And, there was also a very special guest that performed. A native of Dallas which has a very hit song at the moment.

Aside from Taylor Swift’s performance, the props, fireworks and light effects deserves an accolade as well. Inflatable snakes popped up on stage. A flying platform with snake decors brought Taylor Swift from one stage to another. And lest we forget, the arm bands, which were provided to us in the entrance, is also worth mentioning.

As you’ve seen in the video, it lights up and dances and changes color to the tune of every song. With the darkness enveloping the stadium, these cascading lights is a mesmerizing sight to behold, not unlike the concert itself.

The dancers were great. The song arrangements, placement and delivery were on point. The crowd, including us, were enthusiastic. We felt like we were a part of the show, not just as an audience but performers as well.

The Netflix movie showed the visual concert and although you can see the audience’s emotion as they shout and cry and dance to Taylor Swift’s music, it is still different being actually there. You have to be physically present to truly feel the moment. More than two hours of a moment.

What a concert it was! Spectacular – that’s the word we will use if somebody will ask us to describe it in just one word.

Are you a Swiftie too? What is your favorite Taylor Swift song?



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